Internet Directory

Even if people know many things now regarding the use of a computer or the smartphones and the technologies that are being made, there are still things that could not be known unless they encounter them. That is why one can learn more when there is an actual experience. Also when one person is focused on his work he cannot have time to explore and know of other things and how they work. So this time let’s learn what is internet directory and the different types.

Internet directory is just like a building directory that the floors and those who occupy it are listed. It also functions as a list of the websites on the internet that has a category of arrangement. It could be arranged by hierarchy or a list of categories that are connected to each other. There are general directories on the internet that already exists and it includes,, and www. There are also,, and They are examples of general directories existing.

Moving on to the types of directories we can also know that it includes /home that records the directories for the login data of the users. Next is /tmp that will house the temporary files and will be soon deleted in a set time or number of days. Next is /usr that can also have the lpp and the other directories. If you want to know them in much detail you can search the website or use any browser you prefer.