How the Internet Lured Children and Youths’ Dreams

The internet is one of the most amazing inventions of the latest generation. However, this also has become the cause of societal depression. The society is undergoing depression since many youths and even kids are addicted to the use of the internet. In many highly developed countries, addiction of computer games and social media engagement are major problem of the society. Nowadays, youths and kids have become lazy to perform their duty as the hope of the future. Rather, they pursue computer games and some wicked activities in the internet.

These are all the failures of the internet. We cannot imagine how the future generation looks like. The internet should never be the reason why people fail. It should be the reason why people succeed. We did not rule over the internet. We are being governed by the  internet and things. In fact, because of addiction, people neglected what they have to do as an individual. There are children dying because of internet, adults being hospitalized because of internet. These are mere results of internet addiction. And also, there is some benefit that you can do with the internet. It is for digital marketing wherein most businesses today are being engage,  read this link 八拓. The Asian character link provided will gonna show you how great is the help of internet nowadays.

How pitiful are those who could not get away from it. People say they are busy in their life. However, they are not! They are busy looking at the internet. How pitiful is this kind of life? Not only games and addiction destroyed human lives. There has been many youths who are victims of cyber-crime and spam and these resulted to death. Some took away their lives since they cannot stand against them. Even though people know the result of their deeds, they mercilessly do wicked things to satisfy their greed.