4 Major Reasons why the Internet should not Shutdown

If the internet shuts down, what will happen? Actually, there are numerous reasons why the internet should be sustained. Among them, here are the major reasons:

Job Recession. Job recession will be the first to happen when this happens. There are thousands of stockholders of online businesses and companies holding thousands of employees all over the world. Where should the thousands of employees go when this thing happens? This should not happen.

Loss of International Connection. Loss of international connection will be one of the biggest impacts. Of course, we need to maintain this if we do not want to be lonely. The internet brought people of the whole to be close even though literally stay at a distance. How can we start again in our life without internet?

Loss of Technology. The internet controls thousands of technology being run in the whole world. Information Technology has crossed over the bridges of time and now we have reached even the planets and stars. How can we live without the internet and this cleaning service company, check this link post 淨麗美清潔服務. Surely, there will be people who cannot take this.

Lack of Knowledge. The internet is the source of information that has been collected from all over the world. The internet has helped billions of people all around the world to finish their studies. It is not important who published such information. What is important is that if it helped people. It helped people to earn money for living and so forth. And find this one great cleaning for air conditioning company here, 冷氣 清潔. Thanks to the internet, life has improved for us.