Effective Use Of Internet

You may have experience already many times that you say to yourself you will just see if the person you message have replied to you in your facebook account and you find yourself browsing all the notifications in your account and also searching for people and viewing their profile and their posts. Or in the side of watching in the youtube. You feel sleepy and so you decide to find a very short video clip that would refresh your mood. Then you have spent hours watching.

The benefit of the internet are many but if it could affect work and time management then it becomes a problem. that is why many people are now finding ways so they could get out of the addiction they have in social media. One of the tips that you could do is that give time for yourself in the morning and afternoon to browse your account or watch something nut set your time and always remind yourself to follow it. Set a day also that you will be free from social media.

If you are a writer then choose to write in the offline mode and turn off your internet. When you need a dictionary then you can download a free app. You can also use the reward system to manage your time. If you have done your work then you can reward yourself to surf the net but not until you feel tired but with a given time only to discipline yourself.